New resellers in China, Germany, France and Australia

The new year is starting just like the old one finished: with a long list of new resellers in all different corners of the world, and more to come very soon:

seeedBased in China, Seeed is a reseller, worldwide distributor, and manufacturer of all kinds of DIY products. You can buy our products through them directly, or—if you live in a country where we have no official reseller—Seeed probably has a distributor near you (find a complete list here). So, just ask your local Seeed partner to get our products to you easily!


Probably most Germans who’ve had any contact with electronics know Reichelt Elektronik. From electronic components and soldering kits to complete computers, they have it all.

Nuxii focuses on high-quality multimedia solutions and is our first official reseller in France! Recently we presented their great cases; now they stock our products, as well.

We also have a new reseller in Australia, Pakronics, which is all about single board computers and microcontrollers. And they ship to New Zealand, too!

A full list of our resellers can be found here.

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Posted by Anton (HiFiBerry team) on February 11, 2016