Welcoming Our New HiFiBerry Resellers in the US and Australia

We’re making big jumps overseas and are very happy to welcome our new resellers in the US and Australia. Through these partners, our American and Australian clients will have shorter shipping times and won’t need to handle customs by themselves anymore. Now you can enjoy listening to great music, or tinkering on your new audio player, even sooner.


Australian audio lovers should head over to their local Altronics store. You’ll find not only our audio boards but any other electronic part you could think of. In addition to their webstore, they also have 6 brick-and-mortar stores. One of them might be near you!

Our US clients can pick among the following resellers (while all of them sell through Amazon too, it might be worthwhile visiting their own webstores!):

ChicagoDist_logoChicago Electronic Distributors is a maker’s heaven, built around all the minicomputers and DIY electronics you ever dreamed of.

electronics123_logoElectronics123 is focused on hard-to-find electronic modules and components. Additionally, on their webpage they have great tutorials for various electronics projects.

kjdElectronics is a hobby electronics Amazon store.

If you’re missing HiFiBerry at your favorite reseller, please don’t hesitate to recommend us to them or to tell us directly. We’re always looking for new partners around the world to make things easier for you.

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Posted by Anton (HiFiBerry team) on September 20, 2015