HiFiBerry installer

Update: The Installer isn’t actively developed anymore. We noticed that it wasn’t widely used and most distributions are easier to configure today than it was the case 2 years ago. Therefore, we stopped development on it. You might still use it, but it might not install the latest version of the distribution that are included.

The HiFiBerry installer is a small tool that makes it easy even for beginners to install a HiFiBerry card by selecting from our supported Linux distributions. The HiFiBerry installer not only helps you write a software image to an SD card, but also configures it for your HiFiBerry sound card. That means you don’t have to edit any configuration files—just download and write the SD card and you’ll have the right system with the necessary drivers already installed for you.

You can download the software here:


Just download the file for your platform and run it. There is no need to install the software. On Windows, please select “Run as administrator” as the software wouldn’t be able to write to the SD card otherwise. We won’t install any software on your PC. The installer downloads your selected distribution from our server, configures it for your HiFiBerry card, and writes it to an SD card.

You found a problem? Please report it here. You love the software? We’d like to hear this too! You have an idea for improving it? Let us know!