By Remi Quenin / Website

This is a 4 zones multiroom player. 4 pair of speakers have been added in the ceiling of my home, and all connection reach this box.

Each pie runs squeezeboxlite, which connect to a LMS server running on a synology NAS.
Each pie run as well a spotify connect client.

Each room can play content of:
– spotify (managedf from any instance of the spotify app, from a PC or a phone)
– anything that can comes out from the LMS server (local content, youtube, spotify, google music… etc). Managed from the Android application “Orange Squeeze”

Which parts where used for this project?

4 Amp+, 4 Pie model 2, a 4 port Netgear switch, a power supply, all pacckaged in a single tight aluminium case, with single network plug, and banana plugs on the back.Software: raspbian jessy and squeezelite (https://github.com/ralph-irving/squeezelite). Server is on Synology NAS.

Do you have a guide available that allows others to build this?


Anything else you like to tell us about your project?

Always on, been running for a year without any issue.