By Mike Kingsley / Website

A retro style MP3 jukebox. I wanted to create the look and feel of an old fashioned jukebox, and frustrated by the lack of jukebox simulation software for the Raspberry Pi, created fruitbox.

The Raspberry Pi uses the HiFiBerry Amp+ to power the speakers directly. It’s loud!

Input comes from some GPIO-mapped push switches, and a rotary digital volume control.

Which parts where used for this project?

Raspberry Pi Model A HiFiBerry Amp+ fruitbox software

Do you have a guide available that allows others to build this?

Anything else you like to tell us about your project?

The fruitbox software is inspired by the DWJukebox software available for the PC. It allows the look and feel to be completely reconfigured via text configuration files, and offers a host of features such as coin play, albums mode, sound effects, random play mode, etc.