Raspberry Pi based Jukebox


Raspberry Pi based Jukebox

By Christian Riedwyl / Website

The Goal of this project was to have a complete and self-contained music station.

It features a 7 inch touchscreen and a IR remote as well as internal HD and DVD Drives. It can rip, import and tag Music CD’s automatically, stream media from web based services or play music from the harddrive.

Most Rasperry Pi / Kodi based media stations focus on watching movies and require a lot of external stuff to be hocked up.

For listening Music you would need a external display or have the TV on, external harddrive, and/or an external NAS and control a headless raspberry Pi from your smartphone.

Not so with this device. Everything is in one box!

Which parts where used for this project?

-Rasperry Pi B+ - Hifiberry - 7 inch Rasperry Pi Touchscreen - 500 GB HD Drive - DVD Drive - Powered USB Hub - USB Wifi Adapter - USB IR Adabter - Cables - Wooden Case

Do you have a guide available that allows others to build this?

Anything else you like to tell us about your project?