By Edward Allen / Website

My RetroTUBE is a Raspberry PI 2 with a HifiBerry DAC+PRO running through a Vacuum tube preamplifier. The combination of the Raspberry PI and the HiFiBerry DAC create a pure audio signal, that then runs through a tube preamp giving it that old school awesome sound.

Which parts where used for this project?

Parts- Raspberry PI 2 or 3 HIFI Berry DAC + PRO Preamp Tube Amp (Found on ebay)Software- VOLUMIO Most all the parts can be found here- DOME - 8 X 12 Lamp Base - Cast Aluminum - Round - 10" - Pewter Finish PULLEY WHEEL - 3" - ANTIQUE BRASS FINISHAND A FEW PARTS FROM MY GARAGE

Do you have a guide available that allows others to build this?

Anything else you like to tell us about your project?