Touch screen Internet radio


Touch screen Internet radio

By Leopold Šolc / Website

This Raspberry Pi 3-based Internet radio was built to fit in a rack with existing Hi-Fi components. It features a custom wooden case, a touch screen display and two hardware buttons on the front panel: one for power on/off and one for switching the screen backlight. It is connected to the Internet either through wired Ethernet or a Wi-Fi connection. Stereo line out from the HiFiBerry board is connected to a custom-built power amplifier.

Which parts where used for this project?

Raspberry Pi 3, HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro, Waveshare 5 inch touch screen, DC supply 5V/5A, custom power control circuit board, buttons for power and screen backlight, LAN and WLAN activity LED.

Do you have a guide available that allows others to build this?

Anything else you like to tell us about your project?

Software:Volumio version 2.163 - https://volumio.orgLAN activity LED application - auto shutdown application (cleanly shuts down the OS and the power supply when power-off button is pressed with the help of the custom power control circuit)