wooden box


wooden box

By Dietmar Wolf / Website

The intention was to build a small form factor hifi player with amp for external speakers. Small – but not so small that it would be tilted by the cables. So I used a raspi – hifiberry amp and combined it with a closed frame switching power supply of 13 V – 60 W
The box was assembled from parquet wood with a shellac finish and aluminium plates.
Some attempts with native operating systems failed to have a Logitech Mediaserver and a squeezeplayer on the same machine. Finally max2play made it for me 🙂

Which parts where used for this project?

Raspberry 3B HifiBerry AMP + PSU (TDK Lambda) 13.2V

Anything else you like to tell us about your project?

I am actually using the built-in WLAN of RPi3 but it seems to be shielded too much by the aluminium plates. So in the meantime I bought a RPi3 with a soldered U.FL socket (available at sertronics) for an external antenna which is working fine.