USB-I2S (USB interface) beta test

Compatible with: HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP

This boards allows to use a number of HiFiBerry sound cards with your PC or Mac. It replaced the Raspberry Pi. You connect it to your PC via USB.


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You want to use the HiFiBerry DAC+ or Amp2 with your PC or MAC? This is the product for you. The USB2I2S acts as a replacement for the Raspberry Pi. Just plug the HiFiBerry board on top of it and connect it to your PC via USB. Your PC will detect an USB sound cards that it able to use sample rates up to 192kHz/24bit.
Using XMOS technology, the USB2I2S offers high-end sound quality at an affordable price point.

This board is not compatible with all HiFiBerry boards, but only the following:

  • DAC+ Zero, DAC+ Light, DAC+ Standard, DAC+ Pro
  • Amp2
  • Beocreate 4 channel amplifier

Note that you can’t program a DSP board using this interface. To program the DSP, you will still need a Raspberry Pi.

This is a beta test offer for experienced makers at a reduced price. The retail price will be announced after the beta test, but it will be higher than this beta test offer.

Please note the following conditions of the beta test:

1. You can buy a board at the reduced beta-test price.
2. There is no individual support for this, all requests must be posted in four forum.
3. Money-back guarantee also applies on this beta test.

Additional information:

Additional information

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