For the HiFiBerry team, understanding your business is the key to supporting you in the best way possible. We offer standardized as well as individual solutions, casing, and consulting for software development. To determine the best combination for you and your business, please contact us through our contact formula at the bottom of the page.

HiFiBerry Standard Boards

As a business customer, you can use all of our standard audio boards, which include a wide range of DACs, Digis and Amplifiers that connect with the Raspberry Pi. These solutions are perfect if you’re looking for great sound and a small, stable, and elegant appearance. In addition to our consumer audio boards, we offer business clients an affordable version of the DAC+ with an onboard realtime clock, as well as attractive discounts on our standard boards.

HiFiBerry Standard Cases

Acrylic, wood, or steel? Since designing and producing individual case solutions can be expensive (and isn’t always the best choice if you just started your product line), we offer a wide range of standard case solutions. Additionally, we can connect you with case manufacturers in our network.

All of our standardized cases can be branded with your logo for batches above a certain quantity. Please contact us regarding MOQs.

Individual Solutions

If you’re planning to distribute on a larger scale (500+), we can support you with individual solutions that perfectly match your business. Based on our experience, we can consult you on which components are the best for you, and build a perfectly matching solution for your needs.


We hope we’ve given you a good overview of our products and services for business customers. For further questions, please contact us.

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