We know that just the right product often isn’t enough. Developing a new product or a solution for a customer not just requires some hardware, but also software and servcies. We’re here to support you with your project.

Individual Board Solutions

If you’re planning to distribute on a larger scale (500+), we can support you with individual solutions that perfectly match your business. Based on our experience, we can consult you on which components are the best for you, and build a perfectly matching solution for your needs.

Software Development

Although HiFiBerry is mainly a hardware company, we still have a lot of experience when it comes to software distributions, development, and details of audio processing. Feel free to contact us with your questions.

Project Management

With years of experience working with industrial clients, we know what a project requires to be completed successfully within a certain time frame. We provide consulting support regarding production, case designs, and certification processes. If you select us as a business partner, you’ll have your own personal contact to support you through the complete cycle of bringing your product to the market and even beyond.

Hardware assembly

You have a large projects, but not the resources to assembly the devices? No problem! We can help you with this. We can offer a solution that fits your needs. Services include device testing, labeling and creation of individual SD card images.