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Overout Ani—A portable wireless music player

The Overout Ani is a colorful, compact, highly flexible audio player with a great sound. Audio streaming is possible through WiFi, Bluetooth, and Apple Airplay. It is controlled by an iOS or Android app and supports various streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer as well as internet radio stations.

Its integrated 2-way stereo loudspeakers are powered by the HiFiBerry Amp+. It’s also capable of multiroom audio playback and has an integrated multicolor ambiance LED light panel.

What was the company's idea?

Overout, an innovative Italian tech company that designs smart interior design components, wanted to develop a great-looking, portable audio player and ambiance light. This device was planned to be app-controlled and be capable of playing back audio streams from different sources in the network and from the internet.

Due to its flexible use and small footprint, the Raspberry Pi was chosen as the core platform.

What support did HiFiBerry provide?

To be able to connect the integrated loudspeakers to the Raspberry Pi, an adapted version of the HiFiBerry Amp+ was chosen. The Amp+ is an integrated audio board with both a DAC and an efficient class-D audio amplifier for the Raspberry Pi. Thus a high audio quality and low-power consumption can be achieved with a tiny footprint and easy system integration.

Since Overout uses their own internal power regulation for the complete system, HiFiBerry’s Amp+ was adapted for this project to be powered by the system’s power supply instead of using the onboard power regulation. Since the audio board is (aside from this modification) similar to the standard model, it benefits from HiFiBerry’s driver development to ensure the firmware can be easily updated in the future.

Company Details

Via Palmanova, 74
61121 Pesaro (PS)