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Shifra Smart Solutions

Shifra, from Dubai, installs smart home automation systems—mostly in luxury homes, but also in hotels and offices. Since a smart home needs perfectly integrated multiroom audio, HiFiBerry was their partner of choice.

What was the company's idea?

The goal was a high-quality multiroom audio and multimedia system that could be integrated perfectly into a home automation environment. Due to the Raspberry Pi’s flexibility, small footprint, and low energy use, it was an easy choice. And HiFiBerry would guarantee a great sound!

The result is the Apollo Player: controllable directly from the Home Automation app, Apple Airplay-capable, and allowing playback of music from the local NAS.

What support did HiFiBerry provide?

To allow Shifra to focus on their main business—the software development and installation of home automation systems—HiFiBerry took over the complete player resourcing. The devices were shipped completely mounted, with a HiFiBerry DAC+, a Raspberry Pi, a case, and a power supply; only the SD card with their specialized software was to be installed locally. A great sounding plug-and-play package.

Company Details

Shifra Smart Homes Office
Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE
Cluster X, X3 Tower, Office No.1303