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Sublimusic – High-Quality Music for Business

With business background music, clients pay for a monthly music plan, not for a player. Since the player is often provided for free, a high-quality but affordable device is key.

What was the company's idea?

Swiss-based Sublimusic is a premium background music provider for hotels, shops, and offices. Among their clients are the Four Seasons hotels in Paris and Geneva and the Festival de Cannes.

The requirements for their desired audio player were great audio quality when connected to the client’s amplifier; affordable price; and the ability to update the music playlist and the system remotely. All of these elements fit great with a Raspberry Pi and a HiFiBerry audio board.

What support did HiFiBerry provide?

The HiFiBerry Play (based on the standard HiFiBerry DAC+) is a small playback device with an integrated 16GB flash memory, allowing Sublimusic to store different playlists directly on the device. The small footprint of the device makes it easy to install even in offices with limited space. The integrated 24bit/192kHz digital-analog converter provides a sound quality that perfectly fits Sublimusic’s high quality requirements.

Sublimusic uses its own software, which allows them to not only monitor the devices over the internet, but also push updates to the device. The underlying open-source platform allows Sublimusic to adapt the software for their needs without being limited to the features that are provided by a standard solution.

By using our HiFiBerry Play product, Sublimusic can focus on their core business: selecting and re-mastering the optimal music for their clients.

Company Details

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