Beocreate – FAQ


Beocreate – FAQ

Q: Will you implement feature XXX in the future?
A: We’re committed to implement new software features in the future. We can’t guarantee that a specific feature will be available, but our roadmap gives you a good impression, what we’re planning.

Q: Ok, but I really need feature XXX!
A: Just let us know! Post your idea in our community area. If there is enough interested from other users, we might implement this in the future.

Q: Can I use this only for a single (mono speaker)?
A: While the videos and guides show only a single speaker, it is possible to use it for a stereo pair. Note that this works only for 2-way setups as there are 4 amplifier channels. With the CX50 this will work already, we’ll provide a 2-way profile for the CX100 in the future. You will need a 4-wire cable from the Beocreate amplifier to each speaker.

Q: My speaker is damaged, the foam around the speaker cone falls apart.
A: This is quite normal for speakers that are 20 years or older. You can re-foam your speakers. A source for surrounds and foams is this shop in the Netherlands. They ship worldwide.

Q: Can I use this with Non-B&O speakers?
A: Yes, the amplifier will basically work with any passive speaker. However we do not offer pre-configured DSP configurations for these speakers. You have 2 options: You can use the amplfiier as a “normal” 2-channel amplifier or you can create your own active crossovers using SigmaStudio. If you want to create your own crossovers, we recommend to start reading a bit about loudspeaker design. While crossover design isn’t rocket science it is a bit more complex than just selecting a crossover frequency.