Beocreate – Setting up the software on Raspbian


Beocreate – Setting up the software on Raspbian

Bang & Olufsen Create has developed a component that allows access to the DSP via network. The protocol is included in SigmaStudio. This means you can program your  DSP board over the network. This software is already included in the Beocreate SD card image. However, you might want to use it with another distribution. As the software is open source, it it quite easy to download and compile it on the distribution of your choice.

Simple installation on Raspbian

We have created some tools that will simplify installing and configuring all tools on a Raspbian based system. If you want to create your own DSP programs, that’s our recommended way to do it. Just copy/paste the following commands to your Raspberry Pi command line:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y git
git clone
cd beocreate-tools

This will install the software, create the necessary configurations and reboot your Raspberry Pi to activate these settings.

Installing only the TCP server

If you just want to install the Beocreate TCP server to access the DSP without changing any configuration on the system, this chapter shows what to do. Note that this is only recommended for advanced users as you will need to do more configurations to access to sound card from your Raspberry Pi.

Note that the distribution must have the development tool (make, C compiler,…) installed and the file system must be writable. There are some distributions that mount file systems read-only. You can’t install software by yourself on these. In these cases, get in touch with the  developers of this software and ask them how to install additional software.

Firstly, enable SPI

cd /tmp
cat /boot/config.txt  | grep -v "dtparam=spi" >config.txt
echo "dtparam=spi=on" >>  /tmp/config.txt
sudo mv /tmp/config.txt /boot/config.txt
sudo reboot

Now, you can simply copy/past the following code to your terminal. This should not only install the SigmaTCPServer, but also makes sure that software will be automatically started on system startup.

# Install TCP server
sudo apt-get install -y git cmake
git clone
cd create/SigmaTcpDaemon
cmake .
sudo cp sigmaTcpDaemon /usr/local/bin/beocreate-tcp
sudo chown root /usr/local/bin/beocreate-tcp
sudo chmod u+s /usr/local/bin/beocreate-tcp
sudo chmod go+rx /usr/local/bin/beocreate-tcp
cd ../SigmaClientTool
cmake .
sudo cp SigmaClientTool /usr/local/bin/beocreate-client
sudo chown root /usr/local/bin/beocreate-tcp
sudo chmod go+rx /usr/local/bin/beocreate-tcp

cat <<EOF >beocreate-tcp.service
Description=Beocreate DSP TCP deamon



sudo mv beocreate-tcp.service /etc/systemd/system
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl start beocreate-tcp