Job offer: Electronics engineer (part-time)


Job offer: Electronics engineer (part-time)

The opportunity

HiFiBerry is a growing audio start-up. Our mission is to produce high-quality audio components at a fair price that enable do-it-yourself consumers and OEMs to build highly flexible high-fidelity audio solutions.

We are looking for an electronics engineer who wants to design our next generation audio platform. You will not only have the chance to develop hardware projects, but also work on software projects if you have an affinity for software.

This is a part-time job—a minimum of 8 hours per week, but more is possible.


  • Develop HiFiBerry audio boards: circuits design, PCB design, prototype production
  • Support our customers in case of hardware or software problems
  • Write how-to guides for our hardware and software
  • Represent our firm at community events (e.g., hackathons)

Required expertise/skills

  • Electronics design
  • PCB design
  • Soldering SMD circuits
  • Experiences with digital audio circuits
  • Embedded systems hardware (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi or similar systems)

Why should you work for us?

  • Flexible working hours. You want to go surfing in the morning or go swimming with your kid? We’ll do what we can to make it possible.
  • Flexible job. You think you can bring something to the table that is not part of the job description? Great—tell us!
  • No politics. We just focus on the work that has to be done. No long internal discussions—the result is what counts.
  • We love our customers! It’s always cool to see how our customers use our products—there’s so much creativity.
  • Have fun! Working in our team is not just a job. We want you to do what you love to do.

Sound interesting? Send us your CV to