Streamers and Servers


Streamers and Servers

Listening habits change over time and streaming becomes more and more popular. Even if you are somebody who still prefers a classic sound playback for your favorite albums, you still might think about setting up a streaming player for daily use because it’s an easy way to access your music files.

A lot of our customers love their high end music systems but still have music streaming devices set up in their kitchen, bath or kids room.

Even if there are a lot ready to go solutions on the market, there are a few good reasons to go for a DIY solution. The most obvious is, that a DIY system comes with more functiunality. Especially when you are looking for options, not only to stream through services like Spotify or Tidal but also to access local files like rare albums and your vinyl rips, a DIY solutions is going to fit your expectations way better.

Streaming needs to be accessible and easy to use for all household members.  You want to integrate your favorite streaming service or maybe stream local files from a server like your smart phone or even a USB Stick. You want an easy-to-use interface with intuitive design? For all that, we created HiFiBerry OS, a simple software solutions, specially designed for streaming music with your HiFiBerry setup.

If you decide, not to go for the HiFiBerry OS, you will find a lot of other free software on the market, that are designed to stream music, check out our software overview or the software section in our support forum.

If this is you first time building with HiFiBerry, we recommend to go for a bundle solution to make sure, you have everything you need to realize your streaming project.