Multiroom Audio


Multiroom Audio

No Limits.

Unlike other ‘packaged’ solutions that force you to use their components which may not fit well acoustically in your room or match your decor, HiFiBerry enables you to use what you have, or whatever you want.

Whether you want in-wall, in-ceiling or free-standing speakers, self-powered or passive speakers, or your choice of any amplifier you desire, or our line of DAC boards enable you to pick and choose a configuration truly customized to your needs.

There are several software packages around that allow you to distribute audio synchronized into multiple rooms. Most popular are

  • Airplay
  • Logitech media server
  • Roon
  • Snapcast

Players for these are already included in HiFiBerryOS. You only need a server (some software might even run on your NAS device) and you can start streaming music.

Read our Multiroom beginners guide and check out tutorials in our documentation section to learn more about multi-room setups with HiFiBerry.