USB measurement microphone

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Our USB measurement microphone


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Unfortunately we cant offer our HiFiBerry measurement microphone anymore. We offer this Omnitronic MIC MM-2USB microphone instead.

This USB microphone allows you to do acoustics measurements. An acoustics measurements module is integrated in HiFiBerryOS. However, as the microphone acts as a normal USB sound card, you can use it with basically any measurement software available – not just on the Raspberry Pi, but also with your PC or Mac (e.g. with REW).

We recommend to use it with e microphone stand that you can get in every shop for musicians for little money.

The microphone comes with a 2m USB-cable. If your measurement system isn’t positioned close enough to your listening position, you might use USB extensions cables. We recommend to use active USB extension cables.

We don’t provide individual calibration files. In our opinion this would only increase the costs without advantages of our use case (room acoustics measurements). Check out a comparisons here.

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Dimensions11 × 22 × 4.5 cm