Active Speakers


Active Speakers


Creating active speakers is one of our favorite projects. Give your high-quality vintage speaker a second life by adding a Pi and a HiFiBerry amplifier.

There are different options for this. You can use the AMP2 or even the HiFiBerry Miniamp  to transform the treasures hidden in your basement. You might think the small board not powerfull enough, but it can be the perfect option for low budget but still well-sounding projects like a mono loudspeaker for your kitchen or bathroom. So you get an awesome DIY project for just a few bucks.

If you are looking for high end projects we recommend to go for the Beocreate 4CA, a product,  designed fin cooperation with Bang & Olufsen for their most popular vintage speakers. But you can do even more. With the HiFiBerryOS filter designer you can easily create digital crossovers for your multi-way speaker project.

There are a few things you need to take care about, e.g. checking the foam of your speaker or creating a new power connection. But don’t worry, this is not rocket science and our guide leads you through your first project step by step.

In the end sound is the most important but not the only way to transform your loudspeakers. You can play around with speaker fabrics and colors to create a unique masterpiece for your home.

Need more ideas? Check out our gallery and documentation pages for more ideas.