About us


About us

Modul 9 is a Swiss firm specialising in high-quality audio playback on embedded devices. We believe devices for high-quality music playback don’t have to be bulky and expensive. With our HiFiBerry DAC/Digi/Amp products, it’s easy to build high-quality and affordable audio distribution systems. Our products are used in more than 90 countries.

We can provide not only hardware but also pre-configured software solutions for several use cases. Do you have a specific use case that needs a small and affordable audio solution? Contact us!


Main Office (Switzerland)

Modul 9 GmbH
Haupstr. 129
8272 Ermatingen

Handelsregister-Nummer: CHE-312.035.432
MWSt-Nummer: CH-312.035.432 MWST


You can email us at support@hifiberry.com. If you’d like to buy a larger number of boards or you have a specific sales enquiry, please contact our sales department at sales@hifiberry.com or use the contact form below. For support questions, please use our community forum.


Please write to press@hifiberry.com for press or blog requests.


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