HiFiBerry Amp100 (beta test)

Compatible with: DSP add-on board

The Amp100 is a combination of the DAC+Pro circuit with a powerful 100W per channel stereo amplifier.


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During the beta test, the board is offered at a 35% discount to the expected retail price.

The HiFiBerry Amp is a 100W-per channel DAC/Amplifier. It combines a DAC+ Pro and a powerful 100W-per-channel Class-D amplifier.

It will be powered by an external 12-30V power supply. It will also provide power to the Pi, no separate power supply for the Pi is needed.

It can also be equipped with the DSP add-on board to add digital signal processing capabilities. The onboard SPDIF input and output connectors will only be active with the DSP-add on board!

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Weight180 g
Dimensions12 × 18 × 4 cm