HiFiBerry Amp4 Pro

Compatible with: all Pi's with 40pin GPIO connector
EAN/GTIN: 4260439551085

The HiFiBerry Amp4 is a high-quality, highly efficient Class-D power amplifier for the Raspberry Pi.


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The Amp4 Pro is an advanced version of our Amp4 with integrated dual-domain clocks.

Mount it onto the Raspberry Pi and you have a stereo audio system. You only have to connect your loudspeakers. It provides up to 60W power. You only need a single 12-24V power supply to power the Raspberry Pi and the Amp4. With 4 Ohm speakers, we recommend 12-20V. Higher operating voltages are only recommended with 8 Ohm speakers. However, even with 8 Ohm speakers an 20V power supply is the best choice in our opinion.

It powers the Raspberry Pi, there is no need to add an external 5V power supply to the Raspberry Pi.

The Amp4 is designed to work with all speakers or 4-8 Ohm impedance. It supports sample rates from 44.1-192kHz (16-32bit).

The Amp4 can be equipped with the DSP add-on board to enable advanced digital signal processing capabilities.

The Amp4 integrated voltage converter is powerful enough to power even the new Raspberry Pi 5. Due to the improved voltage regulator it’s possible to even power the official 7″ Pi display or other additional 5V devices.

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Weight60 g
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 cm