OSMC installation and configuration

OSMC is one of a range of media playback solutions that supports HiFiBerry boards. Follow these instructions to install and configure OSMC.

  1. Go to the downloads section at osmc.tv and download the installer app specific for you operating system.
  2. Launch the installer.
  3. Select language and choose your RPi model.
  4. Select the OSMC version.
  5. Choose SD card for the installation target.
  6. Choose between wired or wireless network connection.
  7. Select the target device.
  8. Agree to the End User License Agreement and proceed with the installation.
  9. Confirm the installation on the selected device.
  10. Once the installation is complete, disconnect the SD card from your computer and pop it in into your Raspberry Pi.
  11. Connect all the cables and power it.
  12. Go through the system setup procedure.
  13. Once you complete the setup procedure, select My OSMC and enter Pi Config.
  14. Select Hardware Support and choose your HiFiBerry in the Soundcard Overlay parameter.
  15. Restart your Raspberry Pi.
  16. Select Settings.
  17. Select System.
  18. Select Audio output and set the Audio output device parameter to ALSA: Default (snd_rpi_hifiberry_dac Analog) (or something similar, depending on your HiFiBerry).
  19. Add content to your library and enjoy it.