How to run a Roon Bridge on a HiFiBerry DAC+ equipped Raspberry Pi

Even hardware as fine as our HiFiBerry boards is nothing without software to back it up. HiFiBerry boards are supported by a number of operating systems and that list also includes Roon Labs. Roon Labs is a pretty cool server-client based audio solution perfect for those of you who have a number of audio devices in your home.

  1. Download the Roon Bridge image and write it onto a micro SD card.
  2. Insert the the SD card into the Pi, connect the Pi to your network and your amplifier, and power it on.
  3. Go to and register for a free two weeks trial period.
  4. Go to the downloads section and download the whole Roon Package.
  5. Install the software package and start the app.
  6. Agree to Roon’s terms and conditions and proceed with setting up the library management.
  7. Log in using your Roon account.
  8. Add a folder with your music.
  9. Click the menu icon in the top-left corner.
  10. …and select ‘Settings’.
  11. Switch to the ‘Audio’ tab.
  12. Scroll down to the ‘Networked’ section, find the HiFiBerry DAC+ roon ready bridge and click ‘Enable’.
  13. Name the zone…

  14. …and click outside the ‘Settings’ window to exit settings and start enjoying high quality sound on your Raspberry Pi.