Installation in the switch cabinet


Installation in the switch cabinet

Tutorial: Multiroom Audio System Based On Raspberry Pi and HifiBerry

Now it was time to place the whole thing in the switch cabinet, where all the audio cables to the loudspeakers lead. Connect the power supplies and audio cables and place them in the rack.



Connect the Ethernet switch that’s placed on the side using short 25 cm Ethernet cables (which I got for a special offer). And at the end, label the Raspberry Pis to keep the overview.



With this setup, I need only 2 power cords (one for the power supply and one for the Ethernet switch) and one network cable from my router to the switch. Before, for the “real” Squeezeboxes and amps, I needed 14 power cords and 7 network cables.

If you don’t go with my method, it’s obviously possible to build it equally clean in another way—like these:

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