Datasheet Amp2


Datasheet Amp2


The HiFiBerry Amp2 is a DAC/amplifier combination for alle Raspberry Pi models featuring a 40-pin GPIO header.


  • Stereo DAC with sample rates up to 192kHz/24bit
  • Up to 2x30W output power output
  • Uses a single external power supply 12-24V (see below) to power the amplifier and the Raspberry Pi
  • No soldering, comes as a pre-fabricated kit, just plug it onto the Raspberry Pi.
  • Comes with all components required to mount it.

Hardware and speaker connectors

L/R outputs can’t be bridged!

Note that the actual board might look a bit different. Layout and components might change without further notice. We do not guarantee a specific PCB layout or specific components.


Recommended operating voltage12-20V
Absolute maximum operating voltage24V
Maximum output power60W
THD+N<0.02%typical, output power 0.1-10W
Frequency response20-20000Hzoutput filter characteristics depending on specific speaker parameters
Typical output power per channel14WVsupply=12V, Rspk = 4Ohm, THD+N <0.1%
18WVsupply=18V, Rspk = 4Ohm, THD+N <0.1%
20WVsupply=24V, Rspk = 4Ohm, THD+N <0.1%
8WVsupply=12V, Rspk = 8Ohm, THD+N <0.1%
17WVsupply=18V, Rspk = 8Ohm, THD+N <0.1%
28WVsupply=24V, Rspk = 8Ohm, THD+N <0.1%
Maximum output power per channel15WVsupply=12V, Rspk = 4Ohm, THD+N <10%
30WVsupply=18V, Rspk = 4Ohm, THD+N <10%
44WVsupply=24V, Rspk = 4Ohm, THD+N <10%
10WVsupply=12V, Rspk = 8Ohm, THD+N <10%
20WVsupply=18V, Rspk = 8Ohm, THD+N <10%
38WVsupply=24V, Rspk = 8Ohm, THD+N <10%
Sample rates44.1-192kHz

The Amp2 will power the Raspberry Pi. It is powerful enougfh for any Pi up to the Pi4B. Note that additional hardware drawing lots of power (e.g. hard disks, displays) might require an external power supply.




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Last updated: October 21, 2020