Amp100 – Limitations of the TOSLink inputs/outputs


Amp100 – Limitations of the TOSLink inputs/outputs

While the Amp100 board comes with onboard TOSLink inputs and outputs their functionality is limited. Please read this document carefully to understand these limitations.


With only the Amp100 connected to the Raspberry Pi, both TOSLink input and output have no function. They require the use of the add-on DSP module. The inputs and outputs are directly connected to the inputs and outputs of the DSP on this DSP module.


The DSP add-on originally has been designed to process the data stream between theĀ  Raspberry Pi and an add-on DAC like the DAC2 HD and DAC2 Pro. While the TOSLink connectors are connected to the DSP they do not work independently of you not only want to process the audio in the DSP, but also forward the audio data to the amplifier outputs. To implement this, the audio data from the Pi are being replaced by the audio data from the TOSLink input. This requires the Pi to deliver audio data to the DSP. If there is no playback on the Pi, the DAC and amplifier on the Amp100 won’t work.
We have created a small program that outputs a dummy data stream on the Pi. It is open source and can be downloaded from Github. There is no individual support for this script from us. You might post in our forum to discuss potential problems with the community.

We recommend the use of the TOSLink inputs/outputs only to users with some understanding of DSP programming as you might have to create your own DSP profile to use them. For a product where TOSLink, DSP, DAC and amplifier are more tighly integrated and easier to use, check out the Beocreate 4-channel amplifier.

Last updated: May 10, 2021