Assembling the Pi5 Steel case


Assembling the Pi5 Steel case

Start with the bottom plate:

Mount the Raspberry Pi and fix with with the four spacers:

Now add the 40-pin extender and the HiFiBerry sound card. Fix it with the supplied screws:

If your card supports the DSP add-on, you can now just plug it onto your HiFiBerry sound card

If you’re using an HiFiBerry Amp, add now the cables an the back cover plate for the Amp. Skip this, if you’re using a DAC or Digi.

Now slide the cover from the side over the base. You might have to slightly bend it to the outside on the back.

Turn the case and fix the top cover onto the case with the supplied screws.

Now add the back plate for your board and fix it with the supplied screws.

That’s it. Now start using your HiFiBerry system and enjoy the music.

Last updated: March 5, 2024