Modifying HiFiBerry boards


Modifying HiFiBerry boards

We know that a lot of HiFiBerry users love to tinker around and even want to improve their HiFiBerry boards. We like all kinds of DIY. Feel free to try whatever you like! Send us picture and reports of your projects!

However, here are some remarks from our side as these things are being asked regularly:

  • Soldering on your HiFiBerry board will void warranty.
  • All HiFiBerry products have been designed with great audio performance in mind. They design is like this not because we wanted to save money, but because we had good reasons to do it this way.
  • No product needs to be modified to use its “full potential”.
  • Components have been selected carefully to fit best for a specific application. There is no “magic” component that you can use in any circuit and it will simply improve audio quality.
  • “Better” parts are not always better. E.g. if you replace an audio operational amplifier by a “faster” one with a much higher bandwidth, this can result in wild oscillations . You might not even detect these problems without the right measurement equipment.
  • We do not disclose circuit diagrams or specifications of parts of the circuit. They are not required for the operation of a HiFiBerry board. We can’t and won’t prevent you from de-soldering parts and measuring the resistance or capacitance of a specific component, but please do not ask us for it.

We are aware that there are people who think they can improve things. However, please also accept our point of view on this.

Enjoy the music!

Last updated: February 21, 2020