HiFiBerryOS: Configure WiFi


HiFiBerryOS: Configure WiFi

If your HiFiBerryOS system should directly connect to WiFi, you need to configure your WiFi credentials.

Connect to the WiFi access point

If your system is still connected via Ethernet (recommended for setup), skip this step. If your system isn’t connected to any WiFi or cabled network yet, go to your WiFi settings and check the networks. You should find a “HiFiBerry_Setup_xxxxxx” network. Connect to this network. Once your PC or mobile device is connected to this network, go on with the next step.

Configure WiFi

Point your browser to http://HiFiBerry.local (if you already changed the system name, use the new name accordingly). In the WiFi setup screen, it will display a list of networks that were found near you:

Just select the correct one and enter the WPA passphrase in the next step.

Now the system will connect to this WiFi network. If it doesn’t, check the credentials!

That’s it. You can now go in streaming music to your HiFiBerry device.

Last updated: February 20, 2020