HiFiBerryOS: Remote control using Elgato Stream deck


HiFiBerryOS: Remote control using Elgato Stream deck

While Elgato’s Stream Deck was originally developed for streamers to make their workflow easier, there are lots of other use cases. Especially if you have many recurring things do do, Stream Deck can simplify these using pre-recorded macros.

While the Streamdeck XL is the most expensive, we’re preferring this as it gives you 32 programmable buttons. However, what we show here will also work with the Stream Deck and the Stream Deck Mini. Our guide shows you how to use the StreamDeck with the “API Ninja” extensions to control your Raspberry Pi running HiFiBerryOS.

This guide is provided as-is. As it refers to 3rd party software or it had been created by a 3rd party, there might be changes we don't know about. You can post questions in opur community area, but there is no individual support from us.


The configuration is simple in principle: Using the API Ninja extension of StreamDeck, you get send specific command to the AudioControl API that’s part of HiFiBerryOS. As an example: If you want to increase the volume by 5%, you send a command {"percent":"+5"} to the API endpoint /api/volume Having a look at the API documentation, you map all available features (e.g. skip, play/pause, love) to a button of your Stream deck. It is recommended, to fix the IP address on your Pi (either by setting it in the HiFiBerryOS GUI or using a fixed DHCP address assignment on your router).

We came up with these controls, but you can configure, whatever you like. You can also download our profile and import it. You will need to change the IP address of the system as you’re probably using a different one.

Last updated: May 24, 2020