Swedish Style Home speaker


Swedish Style Home speaker

This design project has been part of the 2019 HiFiberry 3D contest

Creator: Romain Coulon

Download files:

The  speaker is constitute of a base with Raspberry support, 2 speakers (left and right) and 4 legs. All the parts was be design for 3d printing. My maximum part size is 200mm.

The Base

For the assembly, you need 2 loudspeakers 77mm, 1 Raspberry, 1 Hifiberry Amp+, 2 piece of cloth for the speakers grids, a supply with 12v output, M3 and M4 inserts, FHC M3x10 screws and BHC M4x10 screws.

The external dimension of the part is 200mm X 120mm x 90mm.

We have form for the integration of electronic part (Raspberry and Hifiberry Amp2).

I have integrated 8 M3 insert for the fixation of the left and right speaker and the raspberry support.

Specific form are be design for lock the speaker on the base.

Holes is for the speaker’s cables.

The Raspberry support

I have add 4 insert M3 for fix the Raspberry on the support. The support is fixed on the base by 4 FHC screws M3x10.

The Raspberry and the Hifiberry Amp2 fix on the support with M3 nuts and 4 spacers.

The speakers

The speakers are constitute of 3 parts: The case, cloth and the grid. 

Speaker Base

It’s the most complex part, it is designed as a  bass reflex solution. There are 4 holes for the loudspeakers fixation and the M4 inserts.

The case has complementary forms of the base for her fixation. The part will be fix by 2 FHC screw M3x10 at the base. The hole is for the cable of the loudspeaker.

The 2 holes at the bottom of the speaker base are for 2 M3 inserts. It’s for fix the legs of the speaker.

Speaker Grid and Cloth

The cloth are fix on the grid by glue. This is how the speaker looks after assembly: 

The speaker legs

The hole of the leg is for M3 insert. The fixation between the speaker and the leg is realise by a threaded rod M3x20.

We need 4 legs for the speaker.

Last updated: October 29, 2019