Digi+ Pro: external power supply


Digi+ Pro: external power supply

The digital audio part of the Digi+ Pro can be powered independently from the power supply of the Raspberry Pi. However, a small modification on the board is needed:

You need to de-solder the resistor R3 and connect your external 3.3V power supply to the pin header P5.

On newer board versions, there is already an LDO providing the the circuit a clean 3.3V power. Therefore, we do not recommend to modify the board. If you still want to do his, you also need to remove the LDO U2. 

There is another 5V header on the left, this is the power supply for the Toslink output module and the Raspberry Pi.

Note that this modification voids the warranty. We recommend it only for experienced makers. There is no support from us, if your board isn’t working after this modification.

Last updated: October 4, 2019