Assembling the new steel case


Assembling the new steel case

Step 1: Prepare the case

If you’re using the DAC+ ADC, you need to break out the lid that covers the hole for the phone jack. A small pair of pliers will help you removing this. If you’re using a standard DAC+ without the phone jack, you don’t need to do anything.

Step 2: Mount the Raspberry Pi to the base

While you can use all 4 screws, it will be already robust enough if you fix the Pi with two screws,

Step 3: Mount the spacers onto the HiFiBerry DAC+

Step 4: Mount the HiFiBerry DAC+ onto the top of the case

Step 5: Snap both parts together

This step is a bit tricky. Make sure that top and base are aligned correctly. The HiFiBerry DAC+ should now slide into the 40 pin GPIO header. The 40 pin header and the phone jack on the Pi will ensure a stable connection between both case parts.



Last updated: November 26, 2019