Assembling the steel case


Assembling the steel case

Note: If you bought the steel case after March 2020, you are probably looking for assembly instructions of the new steel case.

Step 1: Mount the Raspberry Pi to the base

You have to mount the shorter standoffs on the side with the power/HDMI/audio connectors, not on the side with the 40-pin connector.

Step 2: Mount the longer spacers onto the HiFiBerry DAC+

The longer spacers will be mounted on the side with the 40-pin connector.

Step 3: Mount the HiFiBerry DAC+ onto the top of the case

Step 4: Snap both parts together

This step is a bit tricky. Make sure that top and base are aligned correctly. The HiFiBerry DAC+ should now slide into the 40 pin GPIO header.

Step 5: Fix both parts with the long screws

Finally, fix the case with the two long screws.

Last updated: May 10, 2020