HiFiBerryOS: How to control playback


HiFiBerryOS: How to control playback

There are multiple ways to control playback of music with HiFiBerryOS

Use the player application of the streaming service you’re using

That’s usually the easiest way to control it and it’s completely independent from HiFiBerryOS. Services like Roon or Spotify offer great applications for your PC, smart phone or tablet.

Web UI

If you only want to control volume or play/pause/skip songs, the WebUI of HiFiBerryOS will work just fine:

Remote control

The Wireless remote control from our shop will also work out-of-the-box. Others might also work. However, key-codes can be different. Therefore we recommend the remote control from our shop.

Wireless Remote control (USB)


While it’s not the most elegant method, a USB keyboard will also work. You can just skip to the previous/next song with cursor-left/right and change volume with cursor-up/down

Rotary control

If you want to do a bit more DIY, adding a rotary controller is another option.

Check out the configuration in /etc/audiocontrol2.conf and adapt it to your specific setup:

clk = 23
dt = 24
sw = 25
step = 5

Our Github page documents in detail how the rotary controller should be connected.

Last updated: February 20, 2020