Wireless Remote Control

Compatible with: USB
EAN/GTIN: 0254223


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You’re Pi needs a remote control? In many cases, you will be able to control your Pi with your TV’s remote control. If it doesn’t this remote control is the best way to go! Forget about infrared remote controls – this one works with radio transmission. You don’t need a direct line-of-sight and it works more reliable over longer distances. The remote control comes with an USB dongle that you just plug into a free USB port of your Raspberry Pi (or another system).

It works out-of-the-box with HiFiBerryOS and LibreElec. For other distributions check with the developer of the distribution if remote control is supported and how to configure it. It acts as an USB keyboard.

As the remote control uses a fixed frequency and encoding scheme, you can’t use multiple remote controls in the same environment, e.g. in the same apartment in different rooms.

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

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Weight36 g
Dimensions15 × 4 × 2 cm