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We love the Raspberry Pi for its small form factor, its low power consumption and its flexibility. However, unfortunately the onboard sound output is not designed for high sound fidelity. HiFiBerry adds high-quality sound to your Raspberry Pi. It is the ideal solution for all Raspberry Pi users that love music.

Our products connect directly to the Raspberry Pi, no external cabling is needed. Both our DAC and Digi board are supported in the standard Raspberry Pi kernel that is included in the Raspbian distribution. We are committed to Open Source software. All drivers are available as open source, we support developers to use our products with their software.

We use ultra-low noise voltage regulators for optimal audio performance. As all SMD components are already soldered on the boards, the HiFiBerry products can be assembled even if you have only a little soldering experience.

Our boards uses the digital sound connector P5 on the Raspberry Pi Rev. 2. Most Raspberry Pi’s are Rev. 2 board. However, you should check, if your board features the P5 connector.

HiFiBerry DAC: Analog


High quality analog output up to 192kHz/24bit

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HiFiBerry Digi: Digital


Fully isolated electrical and optical S/PDIF output up to 192kHz/24bit

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