Test the new Amp4 Pro

Customers regularly asked us why there is no “Pro” version of your small amplifier available. With our old Amp2 design, there simply was no space available to add the clock circuit to the Amp. With the new Amp4, we started working on this again. An here is is: Our first small “Pro” amplifier that integrated the same dual-domain clock circuit as our DAC2 Pro.

With the new Raspberry Pi5, power consumption of the Pi has also increased. While both the Amp2 and the Amp4 deliver enough power to the Pi to work even with the Pi5, the new Amp4 Pro increases current output from 3A to 5A. This means you can now also power additional devices like a display directly from the Amp4 Pro.

The control of the clock circuit required major changes in the kernel driver. Therefore, you need to use the latest Linux kernel. This is included in the latest Raspberry Pi OS, but also in our HiFiBerryOS64 release. If you’re using another distribution, the best way to check is to check your /boot/overlays directory and look for a file “hifiberry-amp4pro.dtbo”. If this is missing, you’re probably using an older kernel that won’t work with the Amp4 Pro.

We would like to get feedback from users on the new design and also find potential bugs in the driver that we might have missed. Therefore, we offer the Amp4 Pro for a limited number of users to a lower price. You can order it directly from our store. While it is a beta test program, we offer the same 30 day money-back guarantee and 2 year warranty as for all other HiFiBerry boards.


March 5, 2024

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