What’s going on in the Cube?

Our friends from Bang & Olufsen used “the Cube” this week for measurements of some vintage speakers. Not only the Beovox CX100 had been measured, but also the Bevox RL6000 and Beovox S35. Guess what – we expect optimised sound profiles for these speakers in the next time.

If you are  a DIY speaker builder, you know that it is relatively easy to measure the far-field response of a speaker at higher frequencies, but it is really hard to do exact measurements at lower frequencies. Often far-field and near-field measurements are being combined to generate a measurement of the frequency response of the whole speaker. In B&O’s measurement facility this isn’t needed. With its 12x12x13m size, it is possible to do far-field measurements down to 40Hz – that’s definitely enough for a CX100. You want to learn more about “the cube”? Check out this article on Beoworld.

March 2, 2018

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