Recording audio from SPDIF with the DAC+ DSP

As some users had asked how to use the DAC+ DSP to record audio from the DAC+ DSP’s S/PDIF audio input, we have compiled the available information into a small guide. This shows how to configure the DSP on the DAC+ DSP board to send S/PDIF audio to the Raspberry Pi instead of routing it to the analog output. With a few commands you can re-configure every DSP profile for this use case.

In general, this isn’t limited to the SPDIF input. You could also send data to the DSP, process it and send it back to the Pi. However, this will require some understanding of the DSP’s internals,the asynchronous sample rate converters and I2S. We recommend experiments like this only to users that are experienced in these topics.

Do you have any questions? Please have a look at our community area.

August 17, 2020

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