Announcing the HiFiBerry case

We had some requests if there is no case for the HiFiBerry DAC/Digi + Raspberry Pi. Now, we have one available: the HiFiBerry case:case

The case has been design by Jin Lin. You can already pre-order it in our online shop. We will start shipping these in a few weeks. The case can be used for both the DAC (RCA version only) and the Digi. You will receive 2 different sides: one for the DAC and one for the Digi. You just use the one you need.

The case can be assembled completely tool-free in less than a minute. Have a look at this video showing it:

[vimeo 100707099 w=917&h=515]

To show our support for open source projects, the plan for the HiFiBerry case itself is open source. You can download it here: HiFiBerry case design file. Using this postscript file, you should be able to produce the case on a laser cutter near you.  Local Fablabs and similar places often have laser cutters available. Note that the design is only free for personal, non-commercial use. If you want to sell these enclosures, you need a license from us – contact us for details.

Update 20.9.14: We now have this case also available for the Raspberry Pi model B+ and the DAC+/Digi+. You can pre-order it here.

July 14, 2014

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