Mounting the DSP add-on into the HiFiBerry steel case

Since a few weeks, the taller version 2 of our steel case is available in our shop. It is a bit taller than the original version. We made this small change to allow users to also use it with the new DAC2 Pro/DAC2 HD and the additional DSP add-on. As this boards plugs on top of the DAC, this won’t fit into the original steel case. With the new case, you can now use both boards with this case.

To mount both boards, the standoffs that are included wit the steel case won’t fit. We have create a mounting kit with the additional parts. It consists of screws, nuts and 2 spacers. Ordering these from us might be quite complicated for some users. You don’t have to: Just get 25mm M2.5 screws (some M3 might also fit) and nuts from a local hardware store and print the spacers on your own 3D printer. You can download the files from Thingiverse.

December 10, 2020

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