HiFiBerryOS and Beocreate

With the latest HiFiBerryOS, we have integrated a very stylish user interface. Right now it allows you to configure the system, but also see what’s playing.

This is not an internal HiFiBerry development, but has been implemented by Tuomas Hämäläinen. As HiFiBerryOS itself, the UI is also completely open source and can be used by you in any way you like.

You might be interested in a bit more information on the background of this development. Lots of the ideas have been tested by Tuomas for his Master thesis at the Aalto university. For this thesis, he created a small audio amplifier based on the Beocreate 4 channel amplifier . This enabled him to test lots of ideas how to make sound, speakers, crossovers and filters accessible for a wider range of people that just the usual just DIY speaker designers. The so-called Beocreate Elements  introduced a lot of the design elements and code that you can now see in the HiFiBerryOS user interface. Have a look at the Github repository and you will find not just the source code for the system, but also the 3D design files for the amplifier enclosure. Unfortunately most of us won’t have the required machines and skills to produce their own copy.

If you want to know more about this, we strongly recommend to have a look as Tuomas’ master thesis: “BeoCreate elements: A journey into the world of open-source audio”. You will also notice that not all parts of Beocreate Elements made it into HiFiBerryOS. There are still lots of ideas on our list and some of the elements might be part of a HiFiBerryOS in the future. Stay tuned!

November 6, 2019

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