Restrictions due to Covid-19

As you are aware there is an international pandemic going on affecting the life of people all over the world. While the HiFiBerry team is mostly working from home, we’re still trying to ship to as many destinations as possible.

International logistics aren’t working well at the moment. Therefore there will be some limitations and restrictions:

  • Expect your shipment to take (much) longer than usual. Swiss post and other postal services can’t guarantee any shipping times at the moment. Please don’t ask “how long will it take?” or “when do you expect my package to arrive?”. We simply can’t tell.
  • Today, we can’t ship world-wide anymore. Swiss Post only accepts shipments to many European countries and the United States. The situation might change shortly without further notifications. We can’t say anything when this might change for specific countries. We’ll keep this post updated.

Update 2.6.: We’re now accepting orders to most countries. If your country still isn’t listed, please contact us at to check delivery options.

You might ask why a simple virus has such a huge impact on logistics. The reason is simple: Transport of packages is handled by plane. While many people expect there are freight planes for this, 50% of the air freight traffic is handled by normal passenger airplanes. As there are almost no passenger planes flying today, these capacities are missing. Therefore, packages pile up somewhere waiting for free capacity. We’ve seen even express freight that normally takes 2 days now being delivered after 3 weeks. This is much worse for the standard postal services.

Please check if there is a dealer in your country or in your region – these might still be able to ship to you!

Stay at home! Stay safe!

April 8, 2020

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