How the chip shortage affects HiFiBerry

You might have read already in the media that many manufacturers are affected by non-availability of chips. It’s hard to get a new graphics card for your PC, a new Playstation and even car manufacturers are affected by this. There is a general problem with the manufacturing capacities for chips world-wide today. While we try to keep stock for products that sell well, we might run out of specific products. You might have seen that some boards like the DAC+ Standard and the Beoxcreate 4-channel amplifier are not available for some weeks. We’re working hard to source the required parts for these boards, but it’s really hard today. Therefore, some boards might not be available for a longer time. If you can’t find a specific product, you might check out alternatives, e.g. a Digi2 Pro for the Digi+ Standard version or a DAC2 Pro for the DAC+ Standard version.
How long will this last? Nobody knows for sure, but experts estimate that it might take another 6-12 months (some pessimistic forecasts are even longer) for the situation to become normal again. If you use HiFiBerry boards for your business, we recommend to contact us as early as possible with a forecast of the required quantities. Based on these data, we might be able to tell you if it makes sense to plan to use alternative boards or build your own stock of some boards.

April 29, 2021

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