The new DAC2 Pro

While our DAC2 HD is already very popular not everybody might be just looking for the absolutely best DAC. Many users are totally satisfied with the sound quality of the DAC+ Pro. For these users, we have some good news – the DAC+ Pro gets a successor: the DAC2 Pro.

You might think that it looks quite similar to the existing DAC+ Pro. However, we did quite a lot of changes:

  1. The layout has been optimized to keep signal paths as short as possible.
  2. We added a headphone amplifier. This means you can now connect a pair of headphones directly to the DAC2 Pro.
  3. As with the DAC2 HD, this DAC can also be equipped with an additional Digital Signal Processor board that allows you to implement all kinds of audio processing directly in hardware – independent of the software or player you’re using.

The DAC2 Pro is available from now on in our webshop.

The new DAC steel cases (black, white) also fit the DAC2 Pro.

For users who aren’t interested in the new features, the DAC+ Pro will still be available for some time. However, we won’t guarantee that we’ll still stock it for a long time. If you still want to buy one, we recommend to get it now.

October 2, 2020

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